Mark's Pledge to You

Mark Cassidy

1. Solutions such as working with the new internal auditor at the city of St. Albert.

2. Phasing out photo radar over eight years and replacing it with a more responsive policing service that keeps our community safe by redirecting photo radar resources to manned enforcement

3. I will work to maintain our unique St. Albert identity by protecting greenspace, keeping our walkways and trails intact and by ensuring that public involvement is maintained in the planning process. I will also work to protect our local environment to ensure that our river valley and indigenous wildlife are respected.

4. I will work to ensure that we have a planning committee in place so that we have the expertise and the local knowledge to keep St. Albert as one of the top 10 communities in Canada to live.

5. I will support mutually beneficial agreements with neighbouring municipalities that yield benefits to St. Albert residents. I will examine areas such as transit, accommodations for lost pets (cats and dogs) and will examine any other opportunity that will yield a benefit for local taxpayers. At the same time I will not support agreements that do not benefit St. Albert residents.

6. I will respect the right of the voter to decide if we need a new Library, pool or rink and will adhere to the results of the plebiscite. If not successful I will search for a better method to deliver Library services than a new second Library. I will work to ensure that our current Library is efficient and is focused on efficient service delivery rather than just expansion. Between 2000 and 2015 the costs at our current Library have increased by over 310% and have risen by nearly 8% per year!


7. I will also seek to improve our community by offering better services such as improved snow removal provided this can be delivered in a cost effective manner.

"These 7 commitments I pledge to you, my fellow St. Albertans, while serving for you in office."