Welcome and Thanks for Visiting

It will be heartfelt and an honour to serve you on the next council.

I would like to use the skills, experience and knowledge I have acquired to serve as a your councillor for the next term.

I have learned through my 32 years as a realtor and professional negotiator that ethics transparency and disclosure are required to get results and will serve to improve council and bring about a more collaborative effort. The time that I have spent in retail management and in the construction industry has shown me the value of hard work and taught me the value of customer service.

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My 50+ years living in St. Albert, my connection to the community and my work experience gives me a distinct advantage when dealing with the inner workings of municipal governance and will help me to serve you better on council.

I will consistently work to ensure that we are always delivering value for money.
I will work to ensure that your interests are represented on council
I will work to promote a culture of accountability within the city.
I will improve the needed leadership and the quality of life we all enjoy in St. Albert by searching for common sense solutions to the issues we face.

Please visit my platform to get a feel for what I'm working toward.